Here’s my author page at Mother Jones. And here’s some recent stuff:

Saudi Arabia’s US-Backed Air War in Yemen May Have Committed War Crimes—AgainMother Jones, Jan. 8, 2016

This Doctor Wants to Treat Your Crippling Fear of Death With Uncut EcstasyMother Jones, Jan. 8, 2016

Obama Set Free 95 Non-Violent Drug Offenders. What About All the Pot Lifers?Mother Jones, Dec. 18, 2015

The Difficult, Dangerous Work of Tallying the ISIS Death TollMother Jones, Dec. 9, 2015

Inside Anonymous’ Messy Ciberwar Against ISISMother Jones, Nov. 24, 2015

Weapons Companies’ Stocks Surge After Paris AttacksMother Jones, Nov. 18, 2015

We Just Sold Another Billion Dollars Worth of Weapons to Our Frenemies In Saudi ArabiaMother Jones, Nov. 16, 2015

Do War Photos Have to be Ugly to Make a Difference?Mother Jones, Nov. 12, 2015

America Has Lost Its Soul, This Unforgettable New Singer Has Found ItMother Jones, Nov/Dec. 2015

Is the US Bombing of the MSF Hospital in Kunduz a War Crime?Mother Jones, Oct. 7, 2015

The Human Cost of Saudi Arabia’s Air War In YemenMother Jones, Sept. 28, 2015, with stellar photos from the talented photojournalist, Adam Bailes.

Donald Trump’s Plan to Repeal Birthright Citizenship Would Result In a Humanitarian CrisisMother Jones, Aug. 26, 2015

ISIS Beheaded a Syrian Archaeologist Who Refused to Reveal the Location of Ancient ArtifactsMother Jones, Aug. 19, 2015

American Weapons and Support Are Fueling a Bloody Air War in YemenMother Jones, Aug. 5, 2015

Waiting to Die in Prison—for Selling a Couple of Bags of PotMother Jones, July/August 2015

Update: Obama Just Granted Clemency to a Pot Lifer. But Dozens More Remain Behind BarsMother Jones, July 15, 2015

A Year Ago Today, ISIS Announced Its Plan to Create an Islamic State (Timeline) — Mother Jones, June 29, 2015

There’s an International Standard for Cops and Deadly Force. Guess How Your State RanksMother Jones, June 25, 2015

How US Cluster Bombs Banned by Most Countries Ended Up in YemenMother Jones, June 9, 2015

America’s Cops Shoot More People Than Criminals Do in Most Developed NationsMother Jones, June 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton Oversaw US Arms Deals to Clinton Foundation DonorsMother Jones, May 28, 2015

ISIS Just Captured One of Syria’s Most Magnificent Ancient CitiesMother Jones, May 20, 2015

The Pipeline That Texans Are Freaking Out Over (Nope, Not Keystone)Mother Jones, May 15, 2015

When Homemade, Untraceable, Military-Style Semi-Automatic Rifles Go BadMother Jones, May 14, 2015

The Thin White Line: Most Cops Don’t Look Like the Residents They ServeMother Jones, May 5, 2015

“Pack Some Clean Underwear” and Other Travel Tips From ISISMother Jones, April 2, 2015

Meet the “Monuments Men” Risking Everything to Save Syria’s Ancient Treasures From ISISMother Jones, May/June 2015

The US is the Only Country in the World That Locks Up Kids for Life. Could That Finally Change?Mother Jones, Feb. 11, 2015

The Music of Jihad is Beautiful and TerrifyingMother Jones, Feb. 9, 2015


The Rescue of Mahmoud IbildiVocativ, December 16, 2014 | The story of 10-day old Mahmoud Ibildi, who survived being trapped in the rubble of a bombed-out building in Aleppo for 14 hours, and his rescuer, Khaled Harrah.

Training Syria’s Elite Rescue Force — Men’s Journal, December 2014 | How a group of ill-equipped civilian volunteers has saved 3700 lives in Syria since 2013.

The Nate Silver of Fracking — Outside Magazine, December 2014 | Shane Davis is data-mining the oil and gas industry to win hearts, minds, and legislative battles.

The Syrian Smuggler Who Thinks He’s Like Jesus Vocativ, Nov. 18, 2014 | The cafés of Istanbul are where Syrian war refugees meet up with smugglers who promise—for a stiff fee—to sneak them into Europe. Messi is one of those smugglers.

Anywhere But Here5280 Magazine, October 2014 | If Douglas Alward would have just stayed put, he would have been out of prison 25 years ago. Instead, he’s become the escape artist who’s fled prison seven times but has never truly gotten away. Currently he’s locked up in solitary, but he won’t be forever. Will he try to escape again? The New Yorker thinks you should read this one. So does Esquire.

Working the Weedconomy - Vocativ, 7/28/14 — 8/01/14 (5-part series) | As Colorado’s $1 billion marijuana market coins first-time millionaires and creates thousands of new jobs, I trailed five different workers to collate snapshots of this new world of legalized weed. (Part I: The Grower; Part II: The Trimmer; Part III: The Baker; Part IV: The Bud Tender; and Part V: The Cannabus Tour Guide)

The Agony of the Liberal Gun LoverPacific Standard, 06/10/2014 | Shunned by peers and bummed by the NRA: I asked a bunch of liberal gun owners what it’s like to be left-leaning and gun-toting in America. Also: The Liberal Gun Club - Pacific Standard, March/April 2014 | What happens when left-leaning politics meets gun-ownership? You become a pariah from both sides. According to Gallup, there are some 16 million liberals who own guns in the United States. This is a brief interview with one of them.

Writing on the Wall - GOOD Magazine, Spring 2014 | Firas Fayyad, after having been imprisoned and tortured by the Assad regime, now helps run Sout Raya (Sound of the Flag), an Istanbul-based radio station that utilizes a secret network of reporters inside Syria to broadcast news to Syrians desperate to know what’s happening inside their country.

Call of Duty5280 Magazine, February 2014 | Last fall, Rick Raemisch took charge of the Colorado Department of Corrections in the wake of his predecessor’s assassination. Now it’s his job to reform the state’s beleaguered prison system. I spent several months shadowing Raemisch – at prisons, advocacy group meetings, directors’ strategy retreats, etc – for an inside look at how he intends to reinvent a prison system that’s come under fire for its harsh use of solitary confinement, a dearth of rehabilitation efforts, and a series of errors in oversight that some argue led to the deaths of several Colorado individuals.

The Disconnect5280 Magazine, January 2014 | A troubling lack of state funding is shifting the burden of higher education costs onto students—and the real victim might be Colorado’s future economy.

Resurrection5280 Magazine, September 2013 | In 1996, Robert “Rider” Dewey was convicted of the brutal rape and murder of 19-year-old Jacie Taylor. He spent the next 17 years in prison trying to prove his innocence. This is the story of his quest for freedom.

Semiautomatic for the People – Mother Jones, July/August 2013 | Even in California, a state known for its strict gun laws, it’s legal to build completely untraceable semi-automatic rifles like AK-47s and AR-15s. People gather for “build parties” and do exactly that. No background checks. No serial numbers. No questions. I attended one and wrote about it for Mother Jones. Online here. Other outlets covered the article: Daily MailMedia BistroWired (turned me into a gif, a first), The VergeMSN and Salon

The Dealmaker5280 Magazine, March 2013 | Mark Ferrandino has had to overcome learning disabilities, harassment, and prejudice to become Colorado’s new, and first openly gay, House Speaker. But will leading the Legislature be his toughest challenge yet?


Articles for Switchback Magazine, where I’m an editor-at-large, and Peloton, Switchback’s road biking sister magazine:

Critical Mass Istanbul & the Quest to Cross the Bosphorus Bridge Switchback Magazine (May 2014): How a couple of bike hacks and some awesome Critical Mass-organizing Istanbulites circumvented police checkpoints to illegally cross the famous bridge that connects Europe and Asia.

The Republic of Doom | Switchback Magazine (November 2013): How and why to get lost and not care, to battle the wilds and not die, and to place your trust in the magic of feral burros when all else fails. If you’re going on a tour, it may as well be a Wild Ass Tour.

Half Asleep In Terra Incognita Switchback Magazine (July 2013): How Jay Petervary crushed the Iditarod Invitational on a broken ankle and no sleep.

Odyssey of the Lone Ranger | Switchback Magazine (March 2013): For justin Simoni, life is performance art – even on the longest and toughest mountain bike race in the world. (The .pdf attached is Part I of the 8,000-word story. Check Switchback’s website for Part II.)

For Blood & Oil Switchback Magazine (November 2012): The Maah Daah Hey trail in the western North Dakota Badlands sits above a sea of oil. Will it survive the boom?


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